Status: Ordered referred to the Standing Committee on Justice Policy

Summary: This bill is a suite of legislation, which enacts three legislative changes: it introduced two new pieces of legislation (the Human Trafficking Awareness Day Act and the Child Sexual Exploitation and Human Trafficking Act) and amends another (Christopher’s Law – Sex Offender Registry).

The Child Exploitation and Human Trafficking Act set out a host of protection orders for victims of child sexual exploitation, including procedures to apply for protection orders, the contents of protection orders and services of protection that apply in cases where such an order is granted, guidelines concerning confidentiality, and offences and penalties. It also sets out a tort of human trafficking, meaning that a criminal conviction could also lead to a civil suit, with punitive damages.

Finally, Bill 17 amends Christopher’s Law to add to the definition of a “sex offence” to include certain offences, including offences relating to the trafficking of persons under 18 years of age.

Full Text: of the bill can be found here