Please click below to view COO Social quarterly report 2017 specifically on:

Political Confederacy Portfolio Holder/Alternates

  • Grand Chief Joel Abram (AIAI)
  • Chief Elaine Johnston, Serpent River First Nation (AN)

Chiefs Committee on First Nation Women’s Caucus:

  • Chief Denise Stonefish, AIAI
  • Deputy Grand Chief Achneepineskum, NAN
  • Chief Karen Loran, Independent First Nations, Mohawk Council of Awkesasne (IFN)
  • Donna Debassige, Anishnabek Nation
  • Isobel White, Grand Council Treaty #3 (GCT#3)
  • Sandra Montour, Six Nation of the Grand River Territory (Six Nations)

Social Technicians:

  • Lyndia Jones, IFN
  • Deanna Jones-Keeshig, IFN
  • Catherine Cheechoo, NAN
  • Stephanie Feletto, NAN
  • Debbie Lipscombe, GCT#3
  • Adrienne Pelletier, AN
  • Rebecca Tims, AN
  • Natasha George, AIAI


The First Nation Women’s Caucus provides advice, guidance and recommendations to the Political Confederacy (PC) and COO on ending violence against women, missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls including the National Inquiry, the WHO IS SHE campaign, human trafficking and the Safer Ontario Strategy.


  • Participation on the Executive Committee of the Ending Violence against Indigenous Women (EVAIW) Strategy, next meeting is September 19th, 2017.
  • Co-chair the EVAIW Provincial Committee of Policing and Justice;
  • Participation on the EVAIW Provincial Committees:
    • supporting children, youth and families
    • community safety and healing
    • policing and justice
    • human trafficking
    • prevention and awareness
    • improved data and research
  • Attended the All Ontario Chiefs Conference and assisted Director of Social
  • Attended the Assembly of First Nations AGA and presented at the COO Caucus on the resolutions regarding Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls
  • Amendments of the Terms of Reference of the First Nation Women’s Caucus
  • Working with Justice on the development of a workplan on researching the possibility of a Class Action Law Suit for families of MMIWG (Resolution # 24/27 Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls).
  • FNWC suggested to postpone women in leadership forum to early next year.
  • FNWC is working on an Anti-Human Trafficking Strategy, which includes development and implementation of training.
  • FNWC will work with their Policy Analyst on their strategic plan which was partially funded by MIRR.

Focus for next quarter:

  • Continue work on the strategic plan
  • Re-launch the WHO IS SHE campaign
  • Work with the Ontario families on the Family Advisory Circle, potential class-action, and further examination
  • Raise awareness and keep information flowing regarding the National Inquiry
  • Continue work on the Executive Committee on Ending Violence Against Indigenous Women and Girls.
  • FNWC would like to meet with Kim Murray, ADAG, to receive an update with MAG programming and the database on MMIWG
  • Propose a FNWC protocol with Female Ministers to an annual meeting
  • FNWC will be having a birthing ceremony for their bundle and their next meeting on Manitoulin Island.