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OFNYPC Current Listing, Contact & Portfolio:




UOI Quinn Meawasige Energy/Nuclear


UOI Scott Frank (Alternate)
AIAI Megan Logan FN Technical Table (OICYS)


Justice (proxy)

AIAI Ransom Doxtator Health

Urban Issues (proxy)

AIAI Juliana Lesage (Alternate)
GCT3 Will Landon Environemt/Infrastructure (alt)

Health (alt)

FN Technical Table (OICYS)(alt)

Social (alternate)

Political Confederacy (alt)

GCT3 Ali Keesick Justice

Health (alternate)

GCT3 Sheldon Adams (Alternate)
NAN Jeremy Monias Environment/infrastructure (alt)
NAN Valerie Ooshag AFN
NAN Miranda Chookomolin (Alternate)
IFN Darian Baskatawang Education

Political Confederacy

FN Technical Table (OICYS)(alt)

Social (alt)

IFN Richelle Ritchie (Alt)
IFN Rebecca Mandamin (Alt)
6N Mark Hill Economic Development

Energy/Nuclear (alt)


Under the auspices of the Chiefs of Ontario (COO), the Ontario First Nations Young People’s Council (OFNYPC) is mandated to discuss and address regional and national priorities affecting First Nations youth in the communities and to provide a unified voice on these issues. The mandate of the OFNYPC includes taking the lead in creating a voice for local youth through the formation of a youth-led governing and decision-making processes. The OFNYPC consists of two representatives from each of the Political Territorial Organizations in Ontario, the Independent First Nations and Six Nations of the Grand River. This structure ensures that there is accurate and fair representation of the diverse regions and communities at the provincial level.

OFNYPC members play an active role within each sector of the COO political structure. These portfolio members and alternates attend events, conferences, meetings, conference calls and provide input, feedback, advice and guidance from issues affecting First Nations youth in Ontario. OFNYPC has worked diligently this year with all COO sectors and political portfolios. Engaging youth at every portfolio is imperative for the First Nations political structure as the futures of our communities depend on their guidance and leadership.


  1. April 20-22nd, Political Confederacy Meeting
  2. May 2nd-3rd, Special Chiefs Assembly
    • Completed a presentation on Life Promotions, asking Chiefs for their input on a youth-led strategy to address suicide.
  1. May 2nd, MCYS Minister’s Working Group Meeting
  2. May 5th, Gathering of 7 Youth Summit, Rome, Italy
    • Will Landon sits at the Young Diplomats of Canada table to advocate for FN youth on a federal and international level
  1. May 27-28th, 2017 Strategic Planning Session.
    • OFNYPC identified larger values that will be pillars for all their future work, portfolio priorities, and SMART goals to achieve the priorities provincially
  1. June 12 – 15th, 2017 All Ontario Chiefs Conference
  2. June 22nd, Conference Call
  3. July 15-16th, OFNYPC In-Person Meeting
    • OFNYPC Gathered to host an AFN Representative Election; from this election, Valerie Ooshag (Fort Hope) and Mark Hill (Six Nations) were nominated to sit on the AFN National Youth Council. At this time OFNYPC met with the Ministry of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation to discuss MIRR’s proposed youth leadership summit, OFNYPC does not approve of a FNMI summit and wants more follow-up from their 2016 recommendations. They also met with the Anti-Racism Directorate to discuss the anti-racism legislation and the possibility of working together to address systemic racism for Indigenous youth communities, especially Thunder Bay. OFNYPC also discussed their priorities for the bilateral meeting with the Premier.
  1. July 19th, OFNYPC at Political Confederacy
  2. July 24th, Conference Call
  3. July 23-25th, OFNYPC @ AFN National Youth Council Annual General Meeting
    • Mark Hill, Valerie Ooshag, and Megan Logan attended the AFN NYC AGM.
  1. August 1st, Political Confederacy Meeting and Bilateral Meeting with the Premier
    • Darian Baskatawang, Megan Logan, Valerie Ooshag, and Quinn Meawasige attended the meeting with the Premier as the youth representatives. OFNYPC put forth eleven recommendations on Child Welfare, Education, Environment, and Life Promotions.
  1. August 14th, MCYS Technical Table
  2. August 15-16th, First Nation Education Coordinating Unit
    • Darian Baskatawang attended this meeting in Couchiching. Here they discussed the program activities from their funding provided by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development. Darians Recommendations are here: “The OFNYPC urges the Government of Ontario to waive the $3,000 student contribution for self-identified Indigenous students and to NOT treat the post-secondary student support program funds as a resource in the OSAP assessments.”
  1. August 23-25th, Anti-Human Trafficking Liaison Training
    • Valerie Ooshag and Richelle Ritchie attended this meeting. They are passionate about addressing sexual violence through a lens of human trafficking. They want to work on youth engagement sessions and work more closely with Social and First Nations Womens Caucus to end sexual violence & family violence.
  1. August 22-24th, Opiod Surveillance Meeting & Health Coordination Unit Meeting
    • Ransom Doxtator attended these meetings. He strengthened relationships with Health and is advocating for OFNYPC and all youth to receive nalaxone training.

Focus for next quarter

  • Youth and Elders Gathering on Climate Change, November 3-5th, 2017
  • Fundraiser at the Leaders in the Legislature, November 16th, 2017
  • Recommendations on the Regulations of the Child Youth and Family Services Act (Bill 89), an engagement with Deborah Armstrong, MCYS, September 16th, 2017
  • Nalaxone Training, TBD
  • Special Chiefs Assembly on Child Welfare