For First Nations women, there is a traditional responsibility to look after and speak for life-giving water. Water is considered the lifeblood of Mother Earth and as such, provides life for all. It is incumbent upon all Canadians and governments to protect this most valuable of all natural resources. Water must be protected from contamination and pollution, exportation and commodification, to ensure its sustainability from now into the future, for seven generations and beyond.

  • First Nations-led Solutions ā€“ First Nations in Ontario assert their right to develop their own, First Nations-led solutions to the protection of drinking water in their communities. As such, the Assembly of First Nations has called for the repeal of the Safe Drinking Water for First Nations Act and replace it with First Nations-led authority.
  • Water and Wastewater Infrastructure ā€“ Water and wastewater infrastructure on-reserve is grossly underfunded. This is unacceptable. The Government of Canada must increase allocations for capital development and ongoing operations and maintenance to make water safe in all First Nations and to reduce the continued instances of drinking water advisories.(COO, Federal Water and Wastewater Action, 2016)
  • Moratorium on Bulk Water Exports ā€“ First Nations have rejected any and all proposals for the commercial export of drinking water from their traditional territories. First Nations assert their authority to mandate First Nations technical reviews, cultural reviews, approvals and disapprovals of water permits. First Nations call upon the federal government to recognize their authority in these matters.