It is of the utmost priority for First Nations in Ontario to protect the natural environment. It is our Inherent Right and Responsibility to care for the lands, waters, air and All Our Relations on our Mother Earth.

  • Asserting a Role – First Nations in Ontario must be full partners and at the table in the national dialogue on climate change, including the implementation of Canada’s Climate Change Action Plan. This includes enabling First Nations in Ontario to play a direct role in informing the implementation of climate change action and the continued development of domestic and international policy pertaining to the environment.
  • Economic Considerations – It is essential that First Nations and their environmental initiatives benefit from revenue sources arising from Canada’s Climate Change Action Plan and that the Government of Canada continues to support First Nations-led climate change initiatives.

Climate Change in Indigenous and Northern communities

Indigenous and northern communities face many challenges including managing the impacts of a changing climate, including impacts on health, addressing the high and often fluctuating costs of energy, and promoting sustainable development that balances consideration of environmental, social and economic well-being.

Indigenous and northern communities in Canada are particularly vulnerable due to factors such as remoteness and inaccessibility, cold climate, aging and inefficient infrastructure, and reliance on diesel for electricity generation and space heating.

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