The pathway to self-government and self-determination is also the pathway to Reconciliation. As First Nations develop their own direction, systems and processes, the strength and capacity of First Nations grows. Regardless of approach, or where First Nations are on the road to self-determination, Canada must actively support the capacity and governance goals of First Nations in Ontario.

  • Capacity Building and Nation Building – Resources are required to support those First Nations that need to increase their capacity to govern. Dialogue is required among those nations to discuss and contemplate approaches including the establishment of governance codes, citizenship codes and First Nations’ Constitutions. Resources and support are needed for First Nations to come together and share wise practices in re-establishing their traditional approaches to government.
  • Support Unity and Dialogue – The Government of Canada must create non-divisive opportunities that enable First Nations’ governments to discuss, to foster internal relationship building and consider collaborative, cooperative and collective approaches to governance. This includes providing opportunities for dialogue among youth, Elders, community members and women to support and give voice to their respective constituencies.