Improving the social determinants of health for First Nations begins with the development of a prosperous economy. Education, skills training, employment and a living income are basic rights and necessities to achieve the goals of self-determination.

  • Partnership Approach – The Government of Canada must actively support the development of partnerships between the private sector and First Nations in Ontario. This must apply beyond project-based developments and natural resources, but also to other sectors of the economy including manufacturing, services, energy, transportation and tourism.
  • Support for First Nations – Continued support is needed by the Government of Canada for the strategic development of First Nation economies. First Nations use economic programs and services to fund community economic development officers, support professional and skills development, support small to medium-size business, administer employment and training programs and seek out partnerships and growth for nation-level enterprises. Greater resources are required from government to support this need.
  • Economic Infrastructure – Investments are required to maintain the underlying infrastructure that supports economic development. This includes access to capital, telecommunications, high-speed Internet, water and wastewater, electricity transmission and distribution, transportation infrastructure, all-season roads and winter roads in the north.