There are a number of important issues at affecting First Nations in the 2019 Federal Election. Although many of these issues are timely, including Uplifting First Nations Women and Climate Change, many issues are long-standing historic issues that have never been fully realized by any government. Examples of these issues include Treaty Implementation and addressing Lands and Resources.

The issues outlined in this Discussion Paper came out of discussions with First Nations’ leadership, namely, the chiefs of the 133 First Nations in Ontario. Much of the included substance stems from resolutions passed by the Chiefs in Assembly at the annual All-Ontario Chiefs Conferences or Special Chiefs Assemblies that have been held previously.

We encourage you, First Nations citizens and leaders, our friends and allies and all Canadians to take special consideration of these First Nations Election Priorities in your choice in the upcoming federal election. In this era of Reconciliation, it will be essential to include those issues, challenges and Calls to Action into consideration in your choice for Member of Parliament, Prime Minister and the next Government of Canada.

Finally, we urge all candidates, the federal political parties and the next Government of Canada, to reflect these priorities into your messaging, campaign documents and your commitment to govern, toward a new relationship First Nations people in Canada.

First Nation’s Election Priorities

  1. A New Relationship
  2. Treaty Implementation
  3. Lands and Resources
  4. Climate Change
  5. Internal Capacity and Governance
  6. Housing and Infrastructure
  7. First Nations Economies
  8. Health and Well-Being
  9. Uplifting First Nations Women
  10. Protecting Water

For more information on the discussion paper, please view each priority page or check out this interview with Waubgeshig Rice on CBC’s Up North, where Ontario Regional Chief RoseAnne Archibald weighs in on this year’s federal election campaign and the Indigenous vote and provides her thoughts on how the campaign has unfolded so far along with the development of the Towards a New Relationship: Discussion Paper: